10 Facts about Divinity

Updated: May 2, 2020

A factsheet about the company, the creators, and the divine products.

1. Divinity was founded by two black, female creatives. Divinity’s founders are Memphis natives.

Titilé Niamké and Danielle Gipson founded Divinity in spring 2016 at Middle Tennessee State University.

2. Both creatives love studying spirituality, blackness, and holistic health.

The love Divinity’s founders have for these topics is what drives us to promote holistic healing.

3. Divinity’s mission is to assist with the rebirth of holistic health.

Divinity’s belief is that if you’re not practicing holistic health, it makes it much easier for ailments to affect you physically. Making sure you are tended to mind, body, and spirit is imperative to your experience on Earth.

4. Divinity’s creators have studied over 100 herbs, plants, and spices over a four year period.

To ensure quality and effective results, Divinity‘s creators have been studying herbs since prior to the launch of Divinity. Divinity continues to learn about the vast species of plants, herbs, and spices and their benefits so that we can further fulfill your needs.

5. Divinity‘s teas do not include any ingredients that may bring harm to the consumer.

There is no sugar or additives in any of Divinity’s herbal blend or fine teas. Every ingredient utilized is for nourishing the consumer.

6. Divinity does not engage in any practices that may harm the environment.

Divinity uses recyclable packaging materials and practice careful manufacturing practices. The creators of Divinity are firm believers in respecting the Earth.

7. Every ingredient utilized in the making of Divinity’s teas are multi beneficial to the consumer.

Each ingredient, herbs, spices, all the way down to the honey has a list of health benefits. Divinity will discuss these health benefits frequently on the DivineLife blog and our social media accounts.

8. Divinity’s teas are harvested from Chinese tea gardens.

Divinity’s teas are harvested from Chinese tea gardens in Southeastern China, where our teas are harvested only twice a year.

9. 100 percent of Divinity’s content thus far has been cultivated by black millennials.

Divinity is owned by young black millennials who promote and often network with young black creatives/millennials. Divinity’s creators believe in their talent, and they make it evident in their work.

10. Why we chose the name Divinity.

Divinity’s creators chose the company name Divinity because divine means of, from, or like a god. And that’s exactly how you should feel when drinking a holistic beverage.

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